Black & White and One Small Town

Aug 23, 2012

Sometimes looking closely at something small... can reveal something big.

Such could be the result from the latest work of one particular cultural anthropologist.   The focus of this study involved Civil War era race relations in a small Virginia town.

What was found is bound to surprise you.

It may even inform your understanding of  black and white relationships in today’s world.

Sascha L. Goluboff, Ph.D.
- Cultural anthropologist. Creator of the Sentimental Attachments  historical exhibit now on display at Brownsburg Museum in Brownsburg, Va. Author of  Jewish Russians: Upheavals in a Moscow Synagogue (University of Pennsylvania Press). Associate Professor of Anthropology, Washington and Lee University.

Additional Contributor:
Theodore C. DeLaney, Ph.D. -
Historian specializing in America’s 20th century Civil Rights era.  Chair of the Department of History at Washington and Lee University.