Big Data

May 30, 2013

Ever get the feeling you are drowning in information?

The sense of being surrounded by ever increasing data is certainly something we can identify with as individuals. But just imagine what it is like in large organizations.

The challenge of dealing with Big Data is a problem in search of solution in science,  in medicine,  in public safety... in just about any field you can name.

So we talk with some of those looking for solutions.

Donald E Brown, PhD 
- Specialist in the development of mathematical techniques for investigating and managing huge quantities of data; including the creation of algorithms now used in medicine, law enforcement, and by the U.S. military. W.S. Calcott Professor of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Virginia.

William R. Pearson, PhD - Creator of landmark computer programs for sequencing DNA. Researcher in the fields of  Protein Evolution and Computational Biology. Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Virginia.

Siva Vaidhyanathan, PhD - Author,  The Googlization of Everything: And Why We Should Worry  (University of California Press), as well as  numerous other books on media and information technology. Robertson Professor of Media Studies and Chair of the Media Studies Department, University of Virginia.