Beginning Bias Early

May 1, 2014

How young were you when you first began to notice that some people looked different than you?

New research shows children as young as age 7 may predict differences about people based on race.

We examine those findings and their implications.  Including some possibilities for combating early prejudice.

Note: For information on how you and your children can participate in UVa’s research, see the Child Development Labs website.  Additional information available on the Labs’ Facebook page at .

Rebecca A. Dore - Developmental psychology researcher, doctoral candidate, researcher affiliated with the Child Development Labs at the University of Virginia.

Kelly Marie Hoffman - Social psychology researcher and doctoral candidate at the University of Virginia.

Sophie Trawalter, Ph.D. -  Assistant Professor at the Frank Batten School of Public Policy and Leadership as well as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Virginia.