Personal Day Sponsorships

WMRA Personal Day Sponsorships are no longer available as a thank you gift.  We will, however, honor the day sponsorships that have already been given as a thank you gift until the end of 2017.    

Guidelines for day sponsorships include but are not limited to the following:

They must be 35 words or less.

They may not be controversial or political in nature.  

Personal Day Sponsorships must conform to both FCC guidelines and station guidelines, and we now limit any member household to 6 Personal Day Sponsorships per year. 

Not available for for-profit businesses (see Underwriting on WMRA or contact Susie Niarhos at 540.568.3537 or

Contact Scott Lowe, Membership & Volunteer Services Manager, at 568-3806 for more information about Personal Day Sponsorships you have already been gifted.