Terry Ward

Producer / Valley Voice Director

Terry Ward is a WMRA producer and WEMC announcer. From 1997 to 2014 Ward was the WMRA's host on WMRA during either Morning Edition or All Things Considered. Ward started the PublicRadioArtSpace and acted as curator/wall-tsar from 2008 until the enterprise's discontinuation in  2014. Ward directs the Valley Voice reading service for the blind.

Ward started with WMRA in the Reagan Era as a volunteer writer, actor, and hourly announcer. His past jobs also included work in archeology, concert stagehanding, and teaching art. He is a long time advocate for news media coverage of the arts (especially visual art). His FaceBook radio personna is RadioActive Terry Ward.


The Spark
2:41 pm
Tue June 18, 2013

Creepy Junk Shop Story

The "FBI photo" mentioned in the essay.

Terry Ward tells about his favorite thrift store --a creepy place that gets one thinking about mortality.

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Art Exhibit
2:15 pm
Thu May 16, 2013

Deadpan Alley (Closed)

If one passes by 5000 scenes in a typical commute, maybe one might be "funny" somehow --and photographer Jeff James will notice.  Humor and a sort of pop art irony and social critique appear. Now hanging and up until Thurs 30 May 2013, a collection of his art photos / visual jokes will hang at PublicRadioArtSpace in WMRA's Harrisonburg facility. Art peekers welcome weekdays 9-5. 

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Web Extra
3:03 pm
Thu May 9, 2013

A Tall Tale from Mack Swift

Image: WMRA News (tw)

Storyteller Mack Swift appeared on The Spark.  Here is his rendition of

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Area Runner's Insight
5:42 pm
Tue April 16, 2013

Jack Marmorstein on Boston Marathon Bombing

Finish line before the bombing. Photo credit: Flickr user Hahatango

A WMRA-area runner was in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and much to friends' relief, he promptly said on Facebook: "I'm fine."   He's familiar with the finish line area and his modestly self-described "little sliver of insight" about the attack has gone national.  

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Couple Hours of Web-Oddity
12:40 am
Tue April 16, 2013

NPR.org Hacked

Archival screencap by WMRA News /tw

On Monday night, public radio station websites from New England to the deep South briefly showed odd web "news" articles saying only, "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here" (see examples in our slideshow).  Apparently NPR.org was hacked, and many local affiliates who show the official NPR newsfeed on their own websites thus showed SEA's cybergraffiti. 

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(VFOTB Event Fri 22 Mar)
10:00 am
Fri March 22, 2013

WMRA Alumna leads Festival of the Book Panel

Hey Andifans! Past classical music announcer Andi Arndt is moderating a Virginia Festival of the Book panel about audiobooks

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The Spark
8:00 am
Mon March 4, 2013

Artistic Appropriation or Just Inappropriate?

At Harrisonburg arthouse café,  The Artful Dodger, a painting in a Rashidi Barrett art exhibit struck one visitor as  disturbingly familiar --maybe another artist’s concept.   It was.  Soon news media from Norfolk to Richmond to the Shenandoah Valley were noticing.

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The Spark
1:00 pm
Fri March 1, 2013

Spark Intern Julia

2013 Spark intern Julia Skinner has been tasked with blogging about some potentially-Sparkworthy peers. 

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The Spark
12:03 am
Thu February 28, 2013

Big LOVE (Web Extra)

Student-decorated LOVE letters

schoolkids' art project we mentioned on The Spark involved decorating giant letters that spell LOVE --evoking the state tourism slogan, "Virginia Is for Lovers." Long after their scheduled appearances, the finished creations went on display the breezeway of the WMRA Harrisonburg site --part of the station's long-running effort to provide exposure to regional art activity.


Arts & Culture
12:40 pm
Thu December 20, 2012

We Interviewed This Composer (Thurs 9:30pm)

Photo credit: Derek Gleeson (via Wikipedia)

We normally wouldn't trumpet one particular bit of music, but since WMRA's Bob Satterwhite just interviewed composer Rick Sowash for The Spark, gotta mention that Sowash's Variations on the Boar's Head Carol is on our playlist for Thurs 20 Dec 2012. 9:30pm(-ish). Enjoy.