Mike Mehling

Saturday Morning Announcer

An alumnus of University of Louisiana, Mike Mehling began his career pursuing television, but eventually found radio more fulfilling.  He started on-the-air as a part-time disc jockey at 93QID, in Louisiana, but landed his big break with the coveted afternoon drive shift, in Monroe, Louisiana at the 100,000-watt "blow-torch," FM 102. After graduation, he worked at State College, PA, as the morning drive host for B-103, the Top-40 station serving Happy Valley.  

As his family grew and values shifted, he quit radio in 1993, which proved to be a very difficult decision.  Since then, his career has taken many unanticipated turns, none involving radio.  In 2002, he moved to Harrisonburg, and now works in JMU’s IT department and at WMRA.  The station allows him to revisit those "glory days" on the radio.

Mehling feels honored to be a member of such a talented team of radio professionals who have been serving the Valley for years.  For Mike, Saturday mornings on WMRA are the perfect mix of news, talk, and humor to jump-start the weekend.  The schedule starts with Scott Simon, the host of the NPR morning news show, Weekend Edition, from 8-10AM, followed by The Best of Car Talk at 10.  Then at 11, one of the funniest hours on radio, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, the NPR news quiz show, is featured.  

Mike provides local weather forecasts and news and lets listeners know what’s coming up throughout the morning. As he gets more settled, he’d like to inject more of his own humor and personality into the weekends, instead of following a solely formal format.  "Monday through Friday, listeners are preparing for work and following more structured and hurried routines, and the programming reflects those needs.  However, on Saturday mornings, listeners are easing into the weekend; I’d like to better match that tone and cadence."

Mike loves the novel programming at WMRA: "I hear news stories on NPR that I don’t hear anywhere else, and they aren’t just twenty-second news nuggets with five-second sound bites.  They are deeply analyzed and thoughtfully presented."  He states that With Car Talk and Wait, Wait..., listeners get "top-notch humor from people who obviously love each other, love what they do, and have great chemstry together."

Mike's stated goal is to "simply excel at the shift I’ve been given. I want to make it the most informative and engaging it can be."