Matt Bingay

Assistant General Manager, Programming / All Things Considered Host

Matt Bingay is the local host for All Things Considered, Executive Producer for Virginia Insight, and Assistant General Manager for Programming on WMRA and WEMC.

Matt began working for WMRA as a student at James Madison University in 1992.  And except for a brief year at New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord, Matt has spent the majority of his public radio career at WMRA.

Matt is also an amateur violist and guitarist, has played soccer since grade school (and still plays today), is always reading something (fiction and non-fiction), has a few marathons under his belt and loves living in the Shenandoah Valley.


4:08 pm
Sat June 2, 2012

The Bad Show

Credit: Punchinello (April 1870) via Wikipedia Commons

Cruelty, violence, badness...

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4:18 pm
Sat May 26, 2012

Patient Zero

The greatest mysteries all have a shadowy figure at the center-someone who sets things in motion and holds the key to how the rest of the story unfolds.

In epidemiology, this central character is known as Patient Zero-the case at the heart of an outbreak.

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4:00 pm
Sat May 19, 2012


So much of life is organized by cycles-seasons, biological rhythms, even our ideas of consciousness.

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Pet Day
10:33 pm
Mon May 14, 2012

Music Listings for Pet Day

Here is a list of all the songs the WMRA staff selected to use during Pet Day (Tuesday, May 15, 2012).


And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles)

Animal (R.E.M.)

Old Blue (The Byrds)

Birdhouse in Your Soul (They Might Be Giants)

Black Eyed Dog (Nick Drake)

Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent)

Disco Duck (Rick Dees)

Dixie Chicken (Little Feat)

Dogs (Pink Floyd)

Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

Get Along Little Doggies (Roy Rogers)

Hamster Dance

Bird Dog (Everly Brothers)

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2:43 pm
Sat May 12, 2012


Basketball Hoop

A good game... whether it's a pro football playoff, or a family showdown on the kitchen table... can make you feel, at least for a little while, like your whole life hangs in the balance.

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4:00 pm
Sat May 5, 2012

Talking to Machines

Radiolab attempts to figure out what machines can tell us about being human.

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Public Radio Showcase 4-28-12
11:49 am
Tue April 24, 2012

When it Comes To Politics, Is The Internet Closing Our Minds?

Coming Up Saturday, April 28th at 4pm.

NPR presents an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate about the polarizing effect the internet may have on politics.

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Public Radio Showcase 4-21-12
1:21 pm
Sat April 21, 2012

BURN: An Energy Journal - Hunting for Oil: Risks and Rewards

It is the fundamental issue of our time: Energy; where we get it; how we use it; what happens then. It powers our homes and our economy; it creates troubled alliances and disturbing divisions; it empowers and impoverishes; it enables almost all that we do and now threatens all that we have become.

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Public Radio Showcase (Sat 4pm)
10:38 am
Sat April 14, 2012

Iran and the Bomb

Will sanctions and diplomacy be enough to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons? Or is a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities inevitable?

A nuclear Iran could lead to a Middle Eastern arms race and destabilize the world’s oil market.

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Public Radio Showcase 4-7-12
10:33 am
Sat April 7, 2012

Snap Judgment: One of Our Own

Some say blood is thicker than water. Maybe, maybe not. On this special presentation of Snap Judgment, we explore the different ways people create the special alchemy of family.

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