Matt Bingay

Assistant General Manager, Programming / All Things Considered Host

Matt Bingay is the local host for All Things Considered, Executive Producer for Virginia Insight, and Assistant General Manager for Programming on WMRA and WEMC.

Matt began working for WMRA as a student at James Madison University in 1992.  And except for a brief year at New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord, Matt has spent the majority of his public radio career at WMRA.

Matt is also an amateur violist and guitarist, has played soccer since grade school (and still plays today), is always reading something (fiction and non-fiction), has a few marathons under his belt and loves living in the Shenandoah Valley.


Holiday Specials
1:08 pm
Tue December 9, 2014

WMRA Holiday Schedule 2014

WMRA Holiday Specials for 2014

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3:10 am
Tue December 2, 2014

Wrap Up the December Drive and Win an iPad Air 2

Credit iPad Air 2

It's the final day of WMRA's December drive, and we discovered that we have one more iPad Air 2 to give to you! Everyone who contributes between 8am and 6pm this evening will be entered into the drawing.

Please give now!

You count on WMRA to help you stay connected to our community, our nation, and the world.

In turn, we count on you to provide the funding that makes it all possible.

Please consider giving monthly.  Your $10, $15 or $20 per month helps sustain this vital service to our community.

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6:25 am
Mon December 1, 2014

WMRA December Fundraiser

As you think back over the year, remember WMRA.

Make a tax-deductible contribution and support another year of stories, conversations and deep analysis.

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4:00 pm
Thu November 27, 2014

BackStory: Thanksgiving Special

Thursday at 3pm, WMRA presented a special episode of BackStory... American as Pumpkin Pie: A History of Thanksgiving.

When we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, we think we know what we’re commemorating. But if an actual Pilgrim were to attend your Thanksgiving, chances are he’d be stunned by what he saw there.

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10:41 am
Tue November 25, 2014

Farmville Audio Restored

Longwood University is in the process of physically moving the WMLU studio to a new location, and as a result, we were off-the-air in Farmville (91.3fm) for most of the morning. At this point our signal has been restored.

12:25 pm
Mon November 10, 2014

New Rhythm For Morning Edition

The New Morning Edition Clock - In Effect Beginning November 17, 2014

Did you know that every public radio program has a clock? Broadcast clocks are set templates that stations like ours use to track the timing of a show's stories and interviews, newscasts, and funding credits each day.

NPR has changed  a few of their show clocks, and the most obvious change in timing affects Morning Edition. The purpose is to help align the placement of new headlines and stories with the way people listen to radio today.  The new clock also provides WMRA with more flexibility to include the local news and info that's important to you.

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9:39 pm
Tue November 4, 2014

NPR Election Coverage

11:10 am
Tue October 28, 2014

Temporary Power Reductions on 103.5FM

Due to structural renovations on the WMRY 103.5 tower, we may have to reduce the power of that signal at times during the mid-day period.

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7:00 pm
Fri October 24, 2014

UPDATE: Occasional Audio Drop-Outs

The WMRA studio-to-transmitter link has been fully restored and our recent audio drop-outs have ended.

12:15 pm
Wed October 8, 2014

WMRA 2014 Fall Fundraiser

Thank  you very much for supporting WMRA during this Fall Fundraiser!

Keep in mind that while we officially ended Saturday night, it's not too late to contribute.

Total Raised: $146,709

The overall goal was $150,000 and we welcomed 402 new sustaining members.