Mary Burruss

Corporate & Foundation Account EXec.

Mary Burruss’ first encounter with WMRA was as a guest of Martha Woodroof’s on The Spark. She is now proud to be a member of the station’s outstanding development team working to keep the in depth news coverage and smart entertainment of NPR on the air.

A true child of Virginia, Mary, was born and raised in Richmond, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with an Art degree and earned a Masters degree in education from Virginia Tech. She has taught or worked in sales, marketing and public relations in some form or another for most of her professional career including retail, live performance productions and public radio. A talented juggler of many tasks she is also a freelance writer and yoga teacher. Journalism credits include Virginia Living, Richmond Magazine, Virginia Sportsman, American History, C-ville Weekly and U.S.Airways Magazine among others in addition to nearly a decade as an Arts & Culture Writer for Style Weekly in Richmond. Mary currently calls Charlottesville home where many recognize her as the originator of WNRN’s Culture Connection (under the moniker The Culture Maven) and the voice and producer of Mindful Minutes on WPVC. 

Outside of yoga, writing and WMRA, Mary enjoys spending time with her mostly grown children, traveling, dancing, and spending time in nature. 

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