Faith E. Pinho

Freelance reporter

Journalist and student Faith E. Pinho is always hunting for good stories – whether it’s in the streets of Boston, the mountains of Virginia or somewhere in between. Faith is currently reporting for a number of news organizations while pursuing a double major in Journalism and Politics at Washington & Lee University.

In addition to freelancing for WMRA, Faith has recently covered metro and political stories for The Washington Times and served as weathercast anchor for The Rockbridge Report. She has also written and produced newscasts for WBUR, Boston’s NPR station; created a documentary on a local baseball heroine for Everett Community Television; published news and opinion pieces for her college paper, The Ring-tum Phi and more.

When she isn’t exploring her love for journalism, Faith loves discovering unfamiliar cultures and relaying the beauty of diversity to others. She can sometimes be found playing jazz saxophone or reading in the corner of a coffeehouse. Faith is always happy to cook anything, travel anywhere and meet anyone.

Faith E. Pinho

The church where Confederate General Robert E. Lee attended during his time in Lexington will no longer bear his name, as of a vote Monday night by the vestry of R. E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church -- or, Grace Episcopal Church, as it is now called. WMRA's Faith Pinho has the story.

Faith E. Pinho

A new community center in Lexington is welcoming all self-described hobbyists, tinkerers and creators to come together and make.  WMRA’s Faith Pinho has this story on the Lexington Collaboratory and Makerspace.

Courtesy of Bishop Mark Bourlakas

Among the many groups that descended on Charlottesville last weekend for Saturday’s rally of white supremacists, a collection of faith leaders from around the country stood together to provide solace and solidarity in the midst of chaos. WMRA's Faith Pinho has this story about how the Episcopal Church responded to events in Charlottesville -- and how it is addressing issues of race in general.