Sefe Emokpae

The Virginia Arts of The Book Center is asking for help for a special project that’s more than a decade in the making.

Why Mars?

May 8, 2015

In this episode of Our Island Universe, why are we so interested in Mars?

Scott Lowe

The Arts Council of the Valley oversees much of the effort to foster the arts in the Harrisonburg area.

Kara Lofton

As you probably already know, Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Andrew Jenner

For the past two decades, the City of Harrisonburg has run a citizen police academy to give the public opportunity for an in-depth look at how local police officers do their jobs.

Jennifer Lockard Connerley

On this episode of The Spark: Martha Woodroof speaks with Jennifer Lockard Connerley, who paints portraits that, she admits, contain something of herself. 

Jessie Knadler

A new art exhibition at Washington and Lee University in Lexington references a particularly dark period of American history...

How Many Planets Are Out There?

May 1, 2015
Wikipedia Creative Commons

  In this episode of Our Island Universe, since the conversation this week has been about the discovery of two more planets around the star HD 7924, we decided to take a look at how many planets are in our galaxy.

Kara Lofton

Until recently in Virginia, when a same-sex couple gave birth to a child that was biologically one of the partners, the other partner had no legal claim to that child, even if the couple had been legally married elsewhere.

At the first Innovate LIVE event in Staunton recently, attendees chose from events as diverse as workshops on social entrepreneurship, farm tours, community sourced conversations and live music at Queen City Brewing. WMRA’s Kara Lofton reports.