Business, Foundation and Organization Support

Public Radio is Different

WMRA is a listener-supported service of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. WMRA’s vision is to be the community-supported public radio jewel of the Shenandoah Valley and the Piedmont Region.

WMRA Public Radio informs, connects, and engages communities through journalism, broadcasting and outreach. WMRA offers:

  • Award-winning news
  • Analysis and commentary
  • In-depth coverage of news and social issues
  • Cultural offerings
  • Entertainment and humor
  • Classical, folk and blues music

What listeners won’t find is commercial radio that is profit-driven. WMRA is funded entirely by the people it serves: listeners, non-profit organizations, and corporate underwriters, each sharing in the commitment to make this unique non-profit service possible.

Historic Farmville

NPR Listeners Are

  • Well-educated
  • Affluent
  • Influential community supporters

Gain Credibility

A study by Jacobs Media identified a phenomenon known as the “Halo Effect,” which revealed that listeners take underwriting messages more seriously. Underwriters are perceived as honest, socially responsible, and providers of a high-quality product.

WMRA Audience

On average, WMRA has a total weekly audience of about 50,000 listeners. About 2,300 listeners tune in at any given time.

Downtown Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg Market

WMRA is the #1 station in the Harrisonburg market for persons 50+ with household incomes of $50K or above.
65.3% of listeners have a household income of $50k or more.
Listeners are over 2.5 times as likely to have a college degree, compared to the general population.

Spring 2015 Harrisonburg Market TSAs

  • Cume Audience, Mon-Sun, 6-Mid, 12+: 32,000; AQH 12+: 1,800
  • Cume Audience, Mon-Fri, 6-10 am, 12+: 20,800; AQH 12+: 3,100
  • Cume Audience, Mon-Fri, 10 am-3 pm, 12+: 18,100; AQH 12+: 2,000
  • Cume Audience, Mon-Fri, 3-7 pm, 12+: 19,000; AQH 12+: 2,300


Charlottesville Market

WMRA ranks #4 in the Charlottesville market for persons 50+ with household incomes of $50k or above.
68% of listeners have a household income of $50,000 or more.
Charlottesville listeners are nearly twice as likely to have a college degree, compared to the general population.

Spring 2015 Charrlotesville Market TSAs

  • Cume Audience, Mon-Sun, 6-Mid, 12+: 29,000; AQH 12+: 1,200
  • Cume Audience, Mon-Fri, 6-10 am, 12+: 13,700; AQH 12+: 1,800
  • Cume Audience, Mon-Fri, 10 am-3 pm, 12+: 10,400; AQH 12+: 1,100
  • Cume Audience, Mon-Fri, 3-7 pm, 12+: 15,300; AQH 12+: 1,500

Source: Arbitron Spring 2015 surveys. Arbitron, Inc.; Radio Research Consortium, Inc. Arbitron data are estimates only.

Underwriting Guidelines

Shenandoah Valley

WMRA is a non-commercial station, and adherence to FCC underwriting guidelines is required. The station may identify your organization, but cannot “promote” it. Your message is integrated into WMRA’s regular programming. There is no tune-out factor as with commercial stations. Your organization’s reputation is consistent with the high level of quality listeners have come to expect from WMRA.

Spot Length

Underwriting announcements are 15 seconds long and are preceded by a message (such as “Support for WMRA (or WEMC) comes from...”). The next words MUST be the name of the underwriter. The script may be a maximum of 35 words, as long as it fits within the time limit and follows all FCC guidelines.

FCC Guidelines

Underwriting announcements may include: company name, location, telephone number, or website address; value-neutral description of your products and services, vendor or trade names, and/or non-comparative, factual information about your business.

Underwriting announcements cannot include: qualitative, comparative, or promotional language, including endorsements or references to awards won such as, “Grammy-award winning artist”, “top-selling Ford dealer”, or “best real estate agent in the state”; calls to action or pricing information (including “free”); first and second-person pronouns (“I”, “we”, “you”, etc.)

Your company’s slogan or tagline can be used, as long as it meets the above criteria.

Underwriting Rates

Rates vary by day part and quantity of spots ordered. Please contact us for more information.

Sample Underwriting Copy

Old Town Winchester

Support for WMRA comes from...

Main Street Ballet Company. Presenting in June, Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake." Starring guest performer Svetlana Petrova of the Universal Dance Conservatory. Tickets at mainstreetballet dot com.

Jerry's Coffee House. Featuring a variety of fair-trade coffee, tea, and specialty foods. Open seven days a week. More information at 434-555-5555 or jerryscoffeehouse dot net.

The Law Firm of Smith and Avery. A family business serving the Shenandoah Valley for three generations. Smithandavery dot biz.

Paid Promotional Advertisements

Paid Promotional Announcements (PPAs) for non-profits are an excellent way to reach WMRA’s upscale and culturally diverse listening audience in an environment that is free from commercial clutter.

PPAs are available only to non-profit organizations that feature arts and cultural messages deemed acceptable to WMRA’s programming. Messages typically publicize concerts, performances, exhibits, and similar events.

PPAs are 30 seconds long and have a maximum of 55 words. Although pre-recorded announcements cannot be accepted, clients can select from one of two options: A WMRA announcer can produce and record your announcement with a music “bed” that you provide to fill the 30 seconds, OR a WMRA announcer can produce and record your announcement with music selected by WMRA.

PPA Guidelines

PPAs must include: organization name; factual description of production, event or exhibit; and the phrase “A message from [organization name]” at the end of the message.

PPAs may include: organization slogan, phone number and/or website, mention of two for-profit sponsors.

PPAs may not include: questions; ticket or admissions process or pricing; obvious fundraising language such as “raffle to benefit,” “fundraising banquet,” etc.; or recorded messages from the client.

All PPA content and music is subject to approval by WMRA management. Copy and music are due ten business days before airtime.

PPA Rates

$35 per message

$500 minimum buy

All spots are Run of Schedule (no choice of specific time placement)

Sample PPA copy

The Universal Symphony Orchestra presents Tony-award winner Michael Crawford, the original “Phantom,” singing selections from the Broadway hit, “Phantom of the Opera.” Performances November 9 and 10 at 8 at Universal Auditorium in Staunton. Tickets are available by calling 540-555-1212. A message from Universal Symphony Orchestra.

For more information on Program Sponsorship, contact:

  • Susie Niarhos, Underwriting Account Executive   540-568-3537