Harrisonburg, VA – Thoughts on an unexpected source of physical fitness. Ernie Didot is a videographer and educator in international development.

Richmond, VA – Crossover Day is coming to Virginia's General Assembly. WMRA's Tom Graham spoke by phone about that day, and some other key issues with the man known as "the dean of state capitol reporters," Jeff Schapiro.

Charlottesville, VA – A thousand-year-old poem has experienced an unlikely cultural revival in the last ten years. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, sought an explanation from a Virginia scholar about the curious popularity of Beowulf.

Staunton, VA – A call to return to Virginia's historical regulation of usurious interest rates. John Whitfield lives in Staunton, Virginia.

Charlottesville, VA – A proposal some believe could change the face of Virginia politics got a surprise boost this week. Two Democrats, former Governor Mark Warner and current Governor Tim Kaine, as well as two Republicans, former Governor George Allen and current Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, have thrown their support behind the idea of a non-partisan system for creating legislative districts. WMRA's Tom Graham spoke with the plan's sponsor, Democratic State Senator Creigh Deeds.

Harrisonburg, VA – Gemeinschaft graduate, 29-year-old Jennifer Smith-of Bluefield, West Virginia, spent 4 and 1/2 years in the state penitentiary at Goochland. In the first part of her conversation with WMRA's Martha Woodroof, Jennifer talked about her life before prison. In this part, she takes up her story from inside prison.

Web Extra:

Here's a virtually-unedited version of Martha Woodroof's initial conversation with Jennifer Smith.

Harrisonburg, VA – On November 2 of last year, 12 women became the first women graduates of Gemeinschaft Home, Harrisonburg's transition program for nonviolent offenders dealing with substance abuse. Four among those 12 decided to stay put in Harrisonburg. WMRA's Martha Woodroof asked Probation & Parole District 39 whose office is in Harrisonburg to put her in touch with a graduate who'd be willing talk with us regularly over the next six months. The following is the first of these conversations.

Charlottesville, VA – In the very near future, when you run a red light in parts of Virginia, it could turn into a memorable "Kodak moment" and end up costing you a 50-dollar ticket. Nancy King, with the radio program With Good Reason, reports on the new "red light camera enforcement program."

Staunton, VA – Thoughts on the potential intrusiveness of magical thinking in the practice of medicine. Kurtis Sauder is a pediatrician practicing in Staunton, Virginia.

Richmond, VA – How do you determine if someone's politics are right wing, left wing, or middle of the road? WMRA's Tom Graham has this report on one Virginia state lawmaker who defines himself as a conservative, but doesn't always find his colleagues in agreement.


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