On this week's Second Look, WMRA's Jordy Yager has two stories that bookend the racism on which America was founded, and which still exists today.  Montpelier has a new exhibit focusing on the hundreds of people James Madison enslaved, and just this week, Charlottesville released the city's plans to counter a Ku Klux Klan rally planned for July -- Jordy covers both stories.

The Case of the Disappering Star

Jun 22, 2017
NASA, ESA, and C. Kochanek (OSU)

On this episode of Our Island Universe: Scientist may have observed the first evidence of a failed supernova.

Christopher Clymer Kurtz

A fledgling music organization is just taking shape in Harrisonburg, called the Rocktown Music Collective. But as WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports, it’s not all new.

Jordy Yager

Charlottesville City officials on Tuesday sought to reassure community members that they will be kept safe during the Ku Klux Klan’s planned rally in a little more than two weeks. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has more.

Jordy Yager

After years of careful planning, James Madison’s Montpelier has finally opened its extensive new permanent exhibit on enslaved families and slavery, which, in many ways, completely breaks the mold. WMRA’s Jordy Yager has this report.

The First Woman in Space

Jun 15, 2017
A.Savin / Wikipedia Commons

On this episode of Our Island Universe: We celebrate Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space.  In 1963, on June 16th, over the span of three days, she orbited the earth 48 times.

A national voice in race dialogue is presenting a workshop open to the public in Harrisonburg this weekend. It’s called the White Ally Toolkit. WMRA’s Christopher Clymer Kurtz reports.

Emily Richardson-Lorente

With school out for summer, two Albemarle County elementary schools are beginning renovations to convert regular classrooms to multi-age classrooms. That's a classroom where kids of different ages and grades work together. It's part of a nationwide trend, but how well does it actually work? Emily Richardson-Lorente visited a multi-age class to find out.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies about the Russia Investigation, Annotation and Archived Video


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